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Saturday, October 13, 2012

Susan's Adventures in Twitter-Land

When I first became a published writer, publishers did publicity. Publishers arranged for interviews, advertised books, and saw to distribution. But the world has changed.

When I reentered the publishing field after a ten-year hiatus to raise a family and grow my "day job" career, everyone told me I needed a blog, a tribe and a Twitter account. I said something like "Huh?"

But I paid attention and tried to learn. I'm learning to Tweet. I have this blog that gets something on it every now and then, weekly or occasionally or whenever, and I'm trying to learn how to use Triberr, building a "platform" and "tribe" of my own. It isn't pretty.

One thing I've learned: the Brave New World of publishing may not require any more talent than the old world (and very possibly less), but it certainly requires plenty of bravery. ;-)

A Short Excerpt for the Week:
From Book 6 of the Rainbow Rock series, THE TROUBLE WITH RAINBOWS:

Cretia breathed deeply of the rain-laden air. "You know what the trouble with rainbows is?"
"Huh?" Joe furrowed his brow.
"The trouble with rainbows," she repeated airily.
"No, I guess I don't." He waited.
"You can't predict them." Cretia's eyes watched the bow of color in the sky. "We all know what causes them, and we can see the elements coming together and guess that maybe there'll be a rainbow soon, but nobody ever knows exactly when or where we'll see it."
Joe stared at his sister, wondering when she had lost her mind. She had seemed fairly sane this morning.
"They're kind of like love, really," Cretia went on.
Joe groaned. She hadn't changed the subject at all.
"No, really. Think about it, Joe. We can see two attractive people coming together and think, 'Hmm. Maybe there'll be a match soon,' but no one ever knows for sure until it happens." This time her eyes were following Angelica, whose silvery laughter wafted toward them on the breeze. "We can never predict when love will come into our lives—either the first or the second time."

The six books in the Rainbow Rock series are all available as ebooks at Barnes & Noble, Amazon, and a half-dozen other ebook sites.


  1. Lovely snippet. I like the analogy of love being like a rainbow.


  2. Great dialogue and I love the characters voices

  3. Lovely sample. And you are right on about bravery.

  4. What beautiful writing. I love the comparison of love to a rainbow -- creative and original.
    Best of luck with amassing your tribe!

  5. I reiterate what has been said above, and add, I enjoyed your sample. Cretia sounds wise.

  6. The Rainbow Rock books are on sale now, folks. RIDE THE RAINBOW HOME is FREE for Kindle and Nook. The others are priced up to $2.99. Enjoy!

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