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Saturday, May 28, 2016

Big Events Coming!

Spring and summer are often the time for big events. May and June are filled with graduations. Mother's Day happens in May and Father's Day in June. June is also considered the month for weddings and consequently, for wedding anniversaries. In our family, we are experiencing answer d) All of the above.

Last month we traveled out of state to witness a grandson's baptism. Then we went on to another state to share in the birthdays of two other grandsons. A fourth grandson's eighteenth birthday, high school graduation, and plans for the future will take us across several states before June is over. Somewhere in the midst of it all, we have celebrated Mother's Day, five May birthdays and the birth of another grandson. Before June ends, we will celebrate our daughter's birthday, Father's Day, and our wedding anniversary. This May-June season will be filled to the brim with reasons to rejoice.

And we're just getting started. In June we meet to see off a brother and sister-in-law who are on their way to missionary service in India. We will see a grandson off for an adventure in another land and language. We will meet and celebrate with scattered family we seldom see and we will have opportunities to reach out to new people who may one day become family as our grandchildren grow older and introduce us to potential mates.

We are already papering our fridge with wedding invitations. Although some of those events will be too far away for us to attend, we are planning to be there for others. In the midst of it all, we sometimes wonder when we will have a chance to unpack.

Would we change a thing? Well, we might hope for some of those grand events to be a little closer or our schedules to allow us to get to more of them, but otherwise, no. We love all these lovely people and the great occasions we get to share with them. We can only hope good fortune will bring even more grand events and great occasions in the days, months and years to come.

Susan Aylworth is the author of 14 novels, all available as e-books. She loves her northern California home which she shares with her husband of 46 years and the two spoiled cats they serve. When she can't be with her seven children, seven great kids-in-law, and 25 grandbabies, she loves hanging with her fictional offspring, the children of her mind. She also loves hearing from readers. Visit her website at or find her @SusanAylworth, at, or on Pinterest.