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Monday, December 10, 2012

Two Poems

Any of you who have followed my blog know that I'm primarily committed to long fiction, by which I mean novels. Though I don't usually think of myself as a poet, now and then a poem gives itself up to me. Two did that last week, so I thought I'd share:


Her teacups cover the room—
Étagère, sideboard, china cabinet.
She collected them carefully,
One tender purchase at a time
Over many decades and travels.
Each had a story she loved to tell.
Each was a keepsake and friend.

Today her granddaughter photographs a few,
Hoping to sell the lot on E-Bay.
The auction will last seven days. 


He spied her as she squatted in a doorway
wielding a bit of canvas to keep the rain at bay.
She stared unseeing, eyes unfocused.
He wondered if she looked into the past.

He too looked back, seeing her as she was–
Clad in white satin,
Hair spread across his pillow,
Sweet voice murmuring his name.

If you enjoy them, please feel free to direct others to this blog, but please respect my copyright. Don't share them without my permission. Thanks much!

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