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Saturday, September 1, 2012

Yes, People Change

When Meg Taylor was attending Rainbow Rock High School, Sally Williams and Little Jimmy McAllister were her two best buddies. Now, a decade later, Meg has returned to help Sally with her children: four of them aged three and under. Fascinated by a man she saw as she drove into town, Meg asks a loaded question. From the opening pages of RIDE THE RAINBOW HOME, here is a snippet of their conversation.

"Any new men in town?" Meg kept the question casual as she stretched her legs on Sally's back lawn. It was the first time the women had sat down since the circus they called breakfast.

"Why? You meet somebody?"

"No, of course not." Meg didn't meet Sally's eyes. "I just wondered what the prospects were--you know, for the women here."

Sally moved one fussy infant into the shade of the mesquite tree and scolded her daughter. "Isabel, stop teasing the cat!" She turned back to Meg. "There are some interesting men around." She lifted her brows, her voice rich with meaning. "Danny Sherwood's still here."

Meg groaned. "Spare me."

"You had quite a crush once."

"That was a long time ago, when I was young and stupid. Besides, isn't he married? I heard he and Lucretia Vanetti--"

"Ancient history. You're right; he's a jerk. Cretia got smart last year. She went around telling everybody how he hit her when he-- Tommy, shame on you! Get that out of your mouth!" She wiped Tommy's face and sighed. "How he hit her when he came home drunk. He denied it, of course, but the divorce went through just the same. But there are other men." Sally lifted one eyebrow. "Little Jimmy McAllister's still here."

"That's good." Meg kept her voice neutral. "I hope to see him while I'm here, but you know that's not what I mean, Sally. I'm asking about interesting men."

Sally shrugged. "People change. Darn, Sammy's crying again."

Care to make any bets on what may happen next? RIDE THE RAINBOW HOME is now available as a FREE download for Kindle, Nook, and other platforms. Get your free copy today.


  1. I love "going home" stories. This one sounds like a lot of fun and I downloaded it. Thank you!

  2. I wonder if she's searching for a certain man or just on a fishing expedition

  3. No, Susan, I don't think I could guess. I got the impression she had a specific man in mind.

  4. I love this! I'm off to Kindle to find the book!!

  5. Well I guess Little Jimmy has just ditched the 'little'. Great sample.


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