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Saturday, May 23, 2015

Down Memory Lane

It's reunion time and I'm about to begin a tour down Memory Lane, but it's not just my own memories I'll be revisiting. I'm also going to places where memories were made for a few dozen people who exist only in my mind and the pages of my books. I'm going back to Rainbow Rock.

Okay, so there is no real Rainbow Rock (although, if you look at businesses in the area of the Painted Desert, you will find it's a fairly common name). Never mind. There really should be, and it should be populated with the sorts of loving, giving people I like to imagine live there--complete with the attractive men and women who populate my books.

I'll be touring the Four Corners area with my own romantic hero, in the process visiting and photographing the places where some of my favorite characters enjoy some of my favorite scenes. Keep on eye on my Facebook pages and on this website for some of those images, coming soon.

I will also be gathering images in memory for future scenes in future books. I can hardly wait to meet the people who will populate those scenes! Until then, may you have a wonderful gateway into summer, enjoying old memories and building new ones of your own.

Susan Aylworth is the author of 13 published novels and has part in three boxed sets, all 16 titles available now. Mother to seven, she is "gramma" to 24. She lives in northern California with Roger, her husband of 45 years, and the two spoiled cats they serve. She loves hearing from readers @SusanAylworth or at, You can also follow her on Pinterest and Instagram.