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Saturday, November 24, 2012

Giving Thanks This Week

It's Thanksgiving Week and a cliche to give thanks in a blog, but all my characters are feeling thankful. Where else would I go? ;-)  At the risk of falling into the cliche, let me count some writer's blessings:

#1. I'm Writing Again. After nearly a decade of writer's burnout (not block, not for lack of trying, the ideas just wouldn't come!), I am writing again--filled with creative ideas and unable to keep up with the characters who are all chattering so fast, demanding attention for their stories.

#2. I'm Publishing Again. After four years without a new book, I just yesterday signed the addendum contract for my next paperback, A SECRET FAMILY RECIPE, to be published by Covenant Books next summer.

#3. I'm Making Time. During the period of burnout, I committed myself so fully to the "day job(s)" that I had little time to give to those yammering characters inside my head. I am now backing away from some "day job" assignments to spend time playing with my imaginary friends, and I'm grateful for the opportunity.

#4. I Have Support. My dh says he's starting a Fan Club. My sister says she will happily read anything I write. But it isn't just the folks who "have to" love me. I have new Twitter pals I've never met who have read and loved my work and now Re-Tweet everything I send them. A few folks who've read my books have listed me on Goodreads among their favorite authors (yes, right next to the review with 1 *. Sigh). Okay, I'm admitting to being insecure and needing the praise, but let's face it:  Most of us aren't like Emily Dickinson who wrote for her own enjoyment and put it under the bed. I write to be read, and it's rewarding when an author knows she has readers. (You feel that way too, right? Honestly. Tell me you do!)

#5. I Have a Great Agent. (Thank you, Jane!) She's known in the industry as a "shark" when it comes to getting the best deals for her people, and I'm grateful to have her on my side.

MOSTLY, I'm grateful to have a mind and a heart, financial well-being that allows me a little time to play, and the years of work with good people who have helped me to grow, learn and hone skills. Thank you to all who read, who write, who support literacy everywhere. May this be a great week of Thanksgiving for us all.

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  1. A lot to be thankful for.
    yeah, we all need positive feedback and great reviews.
    And, primarily, we all need READERS.
    Glad things have turned around for your writing career.

  2. Thanks for sharing your list with us. It's good to have people supporting and backing you, to.

  3. That's a good list of reasons to be thankful, Susan. I helps me be thankful for all my good things, as well.

    You don't have a dreaded captcha, do you? I hope not! One try is all I give to comments.


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