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Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Proper Care and Feeding of a Writer

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Many writers I know insist on chocolate, chocolate and -- oh yeah! Chocolate.

For me that's one migraine after another and therefore, not conducive to writing (or thinking, or standing up, or much of anything!). Yet I have my weaknesses.

Give me a bowl full of caramel popcorn and a half-dozen chilled, caffeinated sodas -- oodles of caffeine and sugar to feed my muses and push the creative mind. Then give me hours in front of the computer with nothing else to do or think about so the writing flows like water or, um, caffeine. That's what my muses like!

Life is full of conundrums and here's another: What my muses like and what's really good for me (not just as a human body, but as a writer, too) are very different things.

What my mind wants is one thing; what it needs is another. The proper care and feeding of a writer requires some mild to moderate exercise at least several times a week, lots (and LOTS!) of clean water to drink -- usually 3 to 4 quarts a day -- and healthful meals with plenty of vegetables.

The proper care and feeding of a writer is, after all, the care and feeding of a human mind and body. Darn it all.

How do you prefer to feed and care for your muse?


  1. I find I have no success writing on an empty stomach. It's what you said about being able to focus. My gut gets to growling, and I am useless until I can put something in there. The muses don't really seem to care what.

  2. nice blog.
    I don't see your contest tab.
    Best wishes
    Margaret L. Turley
    author of Save the Child
    administrator of
    Writers Unite to Fight Cancer


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