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Friday, October 28, 2011

My Gratitude Journal: The Good Guys

I've been blessed to have a life full of "good guys," protagonists in their own stories, proactive in making the world arond them better.


It started with my parents who always encouraged me to be and do my very best. I remember a series of kids' books I read before I was even in full-day school. The series featured Nurse Nancy and Doctor Dan. I thought Nurse Nancy was about as wonderful as anyone could ever be and said so, suggesting that maybe one day, I might like to become a nurse.

My mother's answer? "Then why not be a doctor?" For the mid-1950s, the idea was revolutionary and yet it stuck. I have never imposed artificial limits on myself and I've sometimes fought the perceptions of others. In this respect and many others, my mother has been an excellent role model.

Dad encouraged me, too. He helped with the "women's work" in the household, set an example as a fine cook, and expected his daughters to help with the outside work like tending the animals, irrigating the garden, and even helping to dispatch the varmints that found they way into the chicken coop. I didn't always appreciate the work, but I appreciated that he thought me capable of it.

Were there bad guys? Yes, there were. I could recite a series of terrifying almost-awful tales, yet I'm here to recite those stories because there were so many good guys, bold people who stood up for me and came to my rescue on more than one occasion when things might have gone very badly.

Today while in the midst of discussing fictional villains, I want to celebrate the heroes, the good guys, the bold and strong people who have been there when I needed them. I've been blessed to know some of the best of the best.

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