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Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Overcoming Resistance

My granddaughter Adelaide is a great example of overcoming resistance. I wrote a couple of weeks ago about how Adelaide (not yet two) broke her arm and wore it in a heavy cast, but, undaunted, went on her way and did all the things two-year-olds love to do.

One-handed (and not even using the hand she prefers) she colored, she petted the kitties, she climbed on the couch, she danced, she played in the park, she climbed into her own high chair (never an easy task, even with two hands), and generally threw herself into life just the way she always had.

I wrote that blog sometime after her accident. Now the healing time is past and the cast is off. A whole new level of resistance has come into her life.

Without the support of the cast, the arm hurts. More than four weeks of inactivity have weakened the muscles and there is less support to hold up the still-healing bones. For the first few hours after the cast was removed, Adelaide held her arm in place against her body, still in the old cast position, or held her injured arm with her other hand.

The skin is rough, too. After four weeks without bathing, in a cast that had become a collection of ick, the skin is highly sensitive, easily bruised, and badly in need of high-quality lotion.

Is any of this holding my little heroine down? You already know that answer. She's everywhere, into everything, climbing and singing and dancing and playing and chasing the kitties and having a wonderful time.

If Adelaide can overcome the rather formidable resistance in her life, so can you, so can I, so can we all.

What shining examples do you have to motivate you?

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