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Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Resistance is Futile

In Monday's blog, I introduced Seth Godin's concept of writer's resistance, explaining why we don't write even when we have the time, everything we need is available, and we really think we want to get the job done.

Seth Godin is not a novelist, but an established business genius who makes money even in hard times, and he does it not through natural fearlessness, but by overcoming the resistance that would keep him from acting.

Godin's original post is geared to business people, so for today's web tip, let me lead you to a great summary and commentary on Godin's concept in a Procrastinating Writer's blog by Jennifer Blanchard.

Using the business word "ships" to suggest anything that gets the work done and on its way to others (in our case, maybe an agent, editor or publisher?), Godin gives us this bit of sterling motivation:

“You must find something SO IMPORTANT that it is worth enraging your prehistoric fears, SO IMPORTANT that you can’t sleep until it ships."

We can't take him literally. Novels take some time to write and sleep is essential to creative genius. (You may even be inspired in your dreams!) Still, you get the point: Find your passion, imbue your mind with the sure knowledge that your work is IMPORTANT! (don't forget the capitals), and follow the butt-in-chair-fingers-on-keyboard-forget-the-email formula.

Under such an onslaught of positive energy, even the Borg would suffer defeat. So repeat after me: "My work is IMPORTANT! Resistance is futile!"

There you go. My, that felt good!

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