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Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Two Great Blogs You May Want to Know

If you're a new, beginning writer, you may not yet be ready for this, but if you're a working writer who has a completed manuscript or two and you're trying to "make it" in publishing, let me recommend a fascinating blog.

THE PASSIVE VOICE, by David P. Vandagriff, finds the best writing news on the web and posts it, usually without comment (hence, the passivity)every weekday. One recent blog covered "How to Read a Book Contract," creating Facebook fan pages for authors, and 25 things you need to know when self-publishing, among other great pieces.

I'm learning from David's posts and I suspect most working writers will appreciate the news he finds. Keep it up, David! I'll keep looking to you to do the hard work on behalf of all of us!

What if you're not so well established and are still working on that first manuscript, polishing the tools of your craft? Then let me point you toward Elana Johnson's author blog. Elana's first book (a dystopian young adult novel I pre-ordered weeks ago; sounds fascinating!) is due out next month and she's just sold the sequel to Simon & Schuster. She's a great person and sharp writer with lots of fine hints on her blog. Check her out!

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  1. Lots of great stuff here, Susan! I'll be coming back often.


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