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Thursday, May 19, 2011

What Maggie Thinks of "Sorority Chicks"

In my work in progress, MAGGIE RISING, practical Maggie is working her way through Chico State as a psychic reader. In the early pages of the manuscript, she is asked to do a reading for a girl she quickly sizes up as a party girl/sorority chick. Here's her comment:

"Although I am not cynical in general, I have more than enough cynicism for empty-headed party girls, especially sorority chicks. They give a bad name to the other women at my school – studious, respectable women like me.

"Let me hurry to add that Chico State – that’s California State University, Chico -- has some cool sororities, ones that encourage the girls to work and study hard. The good sororities will even help their members with tutors and study sessions when necessary so they can earn good grades, actually learn something, and set themselves up for great careers in the future – or, if they choose, to be happy wives and mothers raising great kids who will become the leaders of the future, etc., etc. So it’s not that I’m necessarily down on the whole Greek system, either.

"The trick is, there are other sororities, groups of virtually fratricidal “sisters” that seem to exist for no better purpose than providing easy sex for the guys in the corresponding fraternities and stabbing each other in the back. The gullible little bottle-blonde who now sat across the table in my parlor belonged to one of those sororities and I hoped to be able to pull off this reading without her ever figuring out how much I was laughing at her. Given the wide-eyed look on her face, that shouldn’t be too difficult."

Hmmm... Wonder where Maggie gets that attitude? Tee-hee.

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