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Friday, July 8, 2011

My Gratitude Journal: My Work Space

One thing every writer needs is a work space. Back in the day, mine was the kitchen table, converted into an office by the addition of a portable typewriter.

These days I'm blessed to have a dedicated office space that has no need to be anything else.

True, it's tiny, smaller than many walk-in closets. And it's crowded. With two desks, a file cabinet, three book shelves and a printer table, we have trouble finding space to turn around if both my husband and I are in the space at the same time.

But really, how much space does a writer need? Mostly we need mental space: time and freedom for ideas to grow, sprout and bear fruit. The space inside my office is plenty big enough for that.

It also seems bigger than it is, what with the windows that open onto my rose garden and hummingbird feeder. It's perfect for what I need -- and after all those years when I relied on the kitchen table, I'm grateful for it.

What do you use for a work space? Share?

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