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Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Sigh, a Wedding

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My writing career began with a Silhouette Romance (#702, BENEATH SIERRA SKIES, in February 1990) and then another and another. Before I really knew I was a novelist, I was a romance novelist.

And then, after eight romances, I wanted to write something different. I still believed in romance (heck, after 41 years of marriage to the same great guy, I'm a dyed-in-the-wool believer!) and I still saw the power in stories of couples overcoming differences to work in tandem. (Think of it as a metaphor: If a he and a she can overcome their most basic differences to cooperate, why can't groups, corporations, nations, worlds! But I digress.)

My latest book, A SECRET FAMILY RECIPE, has a few romantic elements. There is a long-married couple who are still mushy about each other. There's a young couple cooperating in their first joint venture, due in about six months. But it's a family story, not a romance, and I loved working on it.

The current work-in-progress is a mystery with some fun paranormal elements and I'm having a great time creating it.

Still as I write, I'm preparing for a family wedding, the joining of a much loved nephew and his adorable perfect match. (Congratulations, Sean and Ashley!) And there's nothing like a wedding to put me in the mood to write romance again.

In fact, I'm thinking that Sarah Kimball's little sister, Baby Ruth from RIGHT CLICK, should be just about ready to find somebody. Hmmm.....

Stay tuned for more on RIGHT FACE, now in progress.

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