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Friday, August 26, 2011

My Gratitude Journal: Real Life

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Today I'm grateful for experiences, the real things that happen to me and to the very real people around me, the threads that weave a life and also create fodder for fiction.

I'm grateful for weddings (you go, Sean and Ashley!), for births (come on, Baby Vaughn, we're rooting for you), for friends who share their news both good and bad (I'm rooting for you, too, Estee, and for the doctors who are treating you now).

I appreciate people who make mistakes and learn from them, folks who aren't too timid to tell the truth about what pleases and disturbs them, and other writers who share from the depths of their own experiences.

I am thankful for the words of other writers. Today I'm particularly thinking of Sherwood Schwartz, the Hollywood writer who created "Gilligan's Island" and "The Brady Bunch," among a number of successful programs, and who left his own epitaph: "Heaven is where I have been since I was born."

I'm thankful for friends who love me and even those who don't. Those occasional enmities have taught me lessons that show up frequently in my fiction.

Today I'm grateful for Life in all its complexities.

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