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Thursday, August 25, 2011

Writing Around Things

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How do people say things when they really do not want to talk about them? Hmmm... Tricky, and yet we all do it. I've encountered one of those elephant-in-the-living-room topics in a recent work.

From A SECRET FAMILY RECIPE, here is Stephanie Burnett, a 20-something college student, talking with a former roommate about a recent death in her family:

“That’s what I thought, but Allie said…” She cut the thought off quickly, looking away, looking chagrined.

I swallowed. “How is Allie?”

“She’s good. She said to tell you she’s sorry about the loss in your family.”

I gave Jess a long, long look. “Did she really say that, Jess, or are you just being diplomatic again?”

Jess gave me an earnest smile. “She really did, Steph. She said she wanted you to know that she’s sorry about your grandma and she hopes you’re … doing okay.”

“I am,” I answered, and then I realized I had been rubbing my fingers over the raised scars on my left arm, between my wrist and elbow. I sighed and dropped my arms to my sides. “I’m sad, but I’m okay.”

So what is it they're talking about? Are you picking up on the clues?

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