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Tuesday, July 26, 2011


As I write this blog, I am sipping on a glass of ginger ale, fantasizing about bacon and eggs, and looking forward to tomorrow about the way I'd look forward to a colonoscopy.

Okay, exactly the way I'd look forward to a colonoscopy.

I understand the need for check-ups, tests, and a responsible approach to one's health, but really: It's difficult to imagine a procedure for an apparently healthy person that's more invasive, uncomfortable and just plain embarrassing.

I almost decided to forego this privilege -- just say I'd sign up for it and then neglect to do so. My doctor wouldn't really notice, would he? Turns out that yes, he would and he did. Turns out doctors can nag as relentlessly as three-year-olds.

Then too, everywhere I went I started seeing billboards: "My father would still be with me if he had just had a colonoscopy." Turns out billboards can nag, too.

I'm scheduling this blog ahead, so by the time you read this, the "procedure" will be... uh, well, behind me. I'm still willing to accept your retroactive sympathy. Despite all the sympathy I already have for myself, I can always use more.

Just let me know when you need some med-test empathy. I'll be right there sympathizing, grateful it's you and not me.

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