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Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Writing What You Know

This week I'm looking a little at how we as writers can follow the advice to "write what you know."

Literary agent Rachelle Gardner has an excellent blog from last year that addresses this exact topic, so let me refer you to her.

Ms. Gardner examines literary truth in the same light I've always preferred to see it: not "true" (as in it happened) but "true" (as in true-to-life, verisimilitude, or it really could happen this way.)

I invite you to read, enjoy, and then do it: Follow your instinct and write what you KNOW.

Do you have thoughts on factual truth vs. verisimilitude? Please share!

P.S. - If you read yesterday's blog -- the one about anticipating a colonoscopy? -- it's over and everything is fine. Whew!

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