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Monday, July 25, 2011

Writing What I Know

You always hear it said, “Write what you know” and certainly, that is excellent advice. So why am I writing a book about a psychic reader? Good question!

In fact, Maggie is the kind of psychic I would be if I were to hang out my own shingle as a psychic reader. In other words, she doesn’t believe in psychics, doesn’t think she is one, but recognizes she has a certain talent when it comes to reading and understanding people.

I do read auras, just as Maggie does. I discovered the ability quite by accident. My dh and I were visiting with some very odd friends once years ago when the woman said she can teach me to read auras. She had her husband stand against a light-colored wall. Then she said, “See the light around him?” When I said, “Yes,” everyone else in the room responded, “You do?” I’ve always seen that light around people. I thought everybody did.

So our odd friend taught me how to recognize and “read” the colors in the light around people.

The other part of Maggie’s talent (the part she is just discovering) comes from a long-held wish. When I hear about missing children or missing adults who are likely the victims of crime, my heart goes out to their families. I always wish I had the ability to know where they are and lead people to them -- save them, if possible.

I don’t, so I’ve created Maggie, who will learn from forces beyond the reach of most of us how to find the missing and comfort their loved ones. Maybe psychic readers aren’t really “what I know,” but I’m having a mighty fine time discovering Maggie.

How do YOU write what you know?

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  1. I'm not much of a writer, yet, but I do it by creating worlds. That way, I can make the rules. I base the world I create on what I hope is a pretty sound and inclusive understanding of the one I live in, so that it will ring true on the page. When I need to know about how to survive and ostrich attack (which is actually a lot harder than you might think), I look it up on the internet.

    Apparently an ostrich can slash the crap out of you with that big middle toe...something like a velociraptor...just in case you were wondering.


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