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Wednesday, June 8, 2011

How Launch Day Feels

Yesterday, 7 June 2011, was launch day for POSSESSION, the debut novel for my friend, Elana Johnson. In her blog for yesterday, Elana captured perfectly the feelings that come with launching a novel, giving it up, and offering it to the public.

As another writing friend once said, "The good news is, your book has been published! It's out there. Anyone and everyone can read it! The bad news? Your book has been published. It's out there. Anyone and everyone can read it."

Um, yeah. Fans, friends, critics, potential haters . . . and your baby, your precious, beloved BOOK is out there among them all.

So how does it feel? Elana captured it well. For today's tips from the web I refer you to her blog. Find yesterday's entry, "In Which I Give You My Baby." Yep. Elana captures the feeling very well.

Congratulations, Elana. By the way, I'm still in the first chapter of POSSESSION (just got it this afternoon, after all), but I'm lovin' it so far. All the best!

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