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Monday, June 6, 2011

Inside the Writer's (Crazy) Mind

It’s scary in there, but let’s take a quick look inside a writer’s mind. We will start with the recognition that writers, like psychopaths, follow the voices in their heads. That may be a slight exaggeration, but the fact is, no one can write something he or she hasn’t imagined and considered first.

The first steps in creating fiction (or any writing, for that matter) are all mental, and that means we “hear” the dialogue when our characters speak. So okay, we may all be a little crazy, but virtually all writers are used to hearing (and to some extent, obeying) those voices. If you don’t hear imaginary people speaking to you, rejoice! You don’t have to partake in the crazy, roller-coaster business of writing and publishing fiction.

Another trait we share with crazy people is that unfocused, far-off stare that means our bodies are present with you, but our writing minds have gone elsewhere. I well recall a day when my husband walked into our bedroom to find me lying flat on our bed, staring at the ceiling. He said, “What’s up?” I answered, “Shhh. I’m writing.” Thank goodness Hubby is also a writer. He got it, and quietly tiptoed out.

Whenever writers are interviewed by large audiences, one of the first questions is almost always, “Where do you get your ideas?” That’s a subject for another full blog (check it out next Monday!), but for now, let’s simplify the answer by saying most writers have no problem “getting” ideas. Our heads are absolutely full of them. The problem comes in narrowing them down to decide which will get our attention.

If you are a writer, it’s likely this will all sound familiar. If you know a writer, maybe it will help you to sympathize and not assume we’re all crazy. Then again, “crazy” may be a matter of definition. At least, that’s what the little voice in my head is saying.

Do you have an amusing story to share about the writing mind? Please respond write!

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  1. Hi, I'm a new follower. It's a pleasure to find a new (to me) writers blog.
    Sometimes I have a hard time coming up with ideas, but when I make an extra effort to be observant, do some people watching, and take notes, my mind does the rest.
    Have a great week.


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