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Friday, June 10, 2011

My Gratitude Journal: Teacher

As I work today, my thoughts turn to the writing teachers who have uplifted, supported and encouraged me, as well as teaching me and improving my craft with their fine editing skills.

I honor them all, from Mrs. Sellers in the fourth grade, who allowed me to write and produce a statehood pageant for the entire school community, to Mr. Jared Heywood at Holbrook High School, who gave me the run of the school newspaper and allowed all kinds of experimental efforts; from Eloise Bell, my undergraduate mentor at BYU, to Clark Brown who inspired me through grad school.

Among my favorite teachers are the writers whose work has inspired me. From best sellers to local and regional favorites, you're all favorites in my book (some of you quite literally).

So here's to great writing teachers. May you continue to lift and inspire.

Who is one of your favorite writing teachers? Share the story.

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